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Solutions for work and life from the UK’s foremost psychologist

Kerry Daynes is a Consultant & Forensic Psychologist, speaker, author and expert commentator.

Kerry is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

She is a Health & Care Professions Council Registered and Practitioner Forensic Psychologist. She is also a Chartered Scientist and member of The Science Council.

Kerry spent the first part of her career working in forensic mental health settings. She quickly gained a reputation for her ability to engage with and treat complex, challenging and often dangerous patients, ultimately earning the dubious honour of having worked closely with many of Britain’s most notorious criminals.

In 2003, Kerry set up her own successful private practice. She was a trusted advisor to the courts and government agencies. She was invited to act as a behavioural analyst in major police investigations, where she was appreciated for her practical, no ‘psycho-babble’ style.

Kerry moved into more mainstream psychology services in 2013, becoming Regional Head of Psychology for a chain of independent Mental Health Recovery Hospitals. Her track-record for producing outstanding results attracts high-profile business leaders, sports personalities and celebrities as clients.

Kerry has made countless international TV and Radio appearances. She is currently being seen as ‘The Profiler’ on Investigation Discovery’s top rated documentary series, ‘Faking It’.

Kerry is regularly featured in newspapers and magazines. She has written articles for the national press and published her first book ‘Is There A Psycho In Your Life?’ in 2011. She acts as a script advisor for film and television drama. Her always-accessible insights regarding the psychology behind current events has been sought on topics as diverse as female serial killers, the ‘Creepy Clown’ craze, TV licence excuses and the consumer psychology driving sales of lipstick!

Kerry is an impressive and unforgettable speaker, a thought-leader with a unique talent for both educating and entertaining audiences.

Kerry’s growing reputation as a must-see speaker is built upon her ability to communicate complex psychological concepts with warmth, clarity, relevance and humour. She has shared stages with leading academics and business minds, adding a wealth of awe-inspiring real world anecdotes and insights into the compelling (and often dark) workings of the human psyche. She always inspires and leaves the audience with easy to implement, real-world strategies for change.

“Kerry Daynes is a brilliant communicator, able to translate the intricate and fascinating world of psychology in a witty, warm and engaging way. Salon London has worked with her many times and can recommend her as a rare find – a speaker who can deliver her expert knowledge in the way audiences enjoy hearing it.”

Helen BagnallCo-founder of Salon London and Salon North


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“For over 20 years, I’ve worked with the most complex personalities in the most challenging environments. As a Forensic Psychologist, I understand people – from paragons of virtue to serial killers – and the factors that drive behaviours. For the first time ever, this knowledge is being used to identify and solve business and performance problems.

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Kerry delivers something truly different as a keynote or motivational speaker. Using a unique blend of clinical psychology models and techniques, the latest findings from neuroscience and her incredible experiences from the world of forensic mental health, she is able to tailor to themes such as: leadership, resilience, outstanding performance, culture change and success.

“Kerry’s talks set a really positive and upbeat tone for our client events. The content is unique and captivating; funny, informative and challenging. We have had great feedback, including from very senior and experienced leaders who got something new and valuable from Kerry’s keynote. She appeals to all levels and all industries, which is a rare find and her messages are clear, immediately actionable and delivered in a way that is hugely enjoyable to listen to. On a more personal level, Kerry is as down to earth as she is professional and it was great working with her.” 

Zoe LancasterManaging Director, Health Enrich
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An instantly recognisable and popular face of psychology.






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“In Is There A Psycho In Your Life? forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes explains the psyche of a psychopath, reveals the behavioural traits they share and gives advice on how to handle them – or better still, how to avoid them at all costs.”


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Kerry accepts a limited number of private Psychological Coaching and Therapy clients. With over twenty years experience and a reputation for her ability to enable lasting change, even when faced with the most complex of issues, you know that you are in the safest of hands.
Kerry works with individuals, couples, families and organisations.

Appointments take place at discrete and comfortable Cheshire/Manchester and Central London clinics, with nationwide home treatment options for high-profile patients.

Kerry is an advocate for better conversations around mental health. Her philosophy is that supreme self-esteem, deep connections with others and the pursuit of achievement are the keys to wellbeing.

Kerry has a particular interest in the treatment of problematic personality traits and stress-related conditions; she has always been passionate about collaborating with clients in the development of their minds to reach their full potential for a more satisfying and successful life.

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